Beach Diner Isn’t in the Food Business, It’s in the People Business

The very moment you walk in, you’re part of the Beach Diner family. Beach Diner not only offers great home-cooked food, it also provides you a warm feeling of belonging. We are known for our terrific coffee, wonderful breakfast and lunch specials, and unbelievable service.

We’re a diner who represents the locals of Jacksonville and all of its inhabiting cities. It is our honor to provide our customers with a whole slew of brunch favorites!

For over two decades now, we proudly serve our customers the best breakfast in town! More importantly, besides being an awesome breakfast and lunch place in Jacksonville, we learn faces, we remember names, and we never forget a smile. Home is where the family is; so in that regard, Beach Diner has become almost like a second home to a lot of our customers.

Beach Diner is the spot you stop by for a quick pick-me-up coffee and sunrise special breakfast. It’s your mom’s favorite diner, the place you bring your kids after church every Sunday Morning, and much more.

Our customers don’t even mind waiting to be seated as they enjoy a rare, Norman Rockwell, small-community experience; great people talking to great neighbors waiting on great food. In fact, someone wrote on an evaluation, “If I get to feeling bad or sad, I go to Beach Diner and I always feel happy when I leave.” (What a testimony!)